Bertelsen Art and Tattoo Studio Kalispell Montana – Tattoos and artwork by national award winning artist Jake Bertelsen who has gained a reputation as one of the best tattoo artists in Montana and the U.S.A.

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We are the place to go when you want incredible art and artists who genuinely care about you. We always put all we have into every tattoo, whether it’s small or large-scale work. We respect our clients and only commit to tattoos we will excel at. Our process is unlike any other, and it produces results unlike any other.

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I believe a good tattoo should have lights, darks and midtones from a distance. I also want the tattoo to compliment the body in a way that makes it look better than before it was tattooed. A good tattoo looks just as good when it’s moving as when it’s holding still. If your tattoo looks good on a technical level from a set viewing distance but looks like a blob floating on the arm when you get back away from it, that’s a fail in my eyes. Tattoos are on a 3 dimensional surface so it makes sense to me that it should compliment and accentuate the surface its on and look great from every angle when it’s in movement.

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    Our shop is located west of Kalispell off of Farm To Market Road!

    1055 Dun Movin Lane
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