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I have always tried to create tattoos that fit the body well and always tried to make each tattoo the best I’ve ever done. This has led to a completely different process than any other tattoo shop. I have a questionnaire that I send out to new clients to find out about the tattoo, and also to find out who the client is on a personal level. If I don’t think I’m the right person for the piece I will never commit to it. This isn’t arrogance, its honesty. I have faults and I’m not the best artist for every client.

The type of tattoos that I love the most are the ones where the art really accentuates the body. My strengths are; laying out complex large scale tattoos, realism, and creating unity and movement on the body. I also have lots of experience covering old tattoos. Because of the trust from my amazing clients, some of results I’ve been a to achieve are astonishing.

I’m one of the most expensive artists around to get tattooed by. This is really interesting to me because I’ve found people don’t pay me more to go fast… they pay me more because they know I will take my time and put everything I have into every piece. This intense focus on effort has created a process where I love the journey more far more than the end result. I always want the tattoo to be mind blowing, but my favorite part is every step that leads to that result.

If you want someone who truly cares about your tattoo and you are willing to trust me with the artistic freedom needed to put everything I have into the piece… please send me a message through my contact page.

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