Mariyah’s Portfolio

I feel that art is one of the last best things in life. It tells a story, and that’s why I love tattooing. If you choose me as your artist, you can rest assured that I will pour my heart and soul into the process of bringing your vision to life. It is an honor to be apart of your journey in this way, so I take my job very seriously and with the utmost integrity.

It takes bravery to be bold, so I thoroughly ENJOY enhancing the physical form with powerful artwork that will last a lifetime, and hope to share that joy with as many people as possible. If you resonate with my mission, then I look forward to creating magic with you!

Mariyah is one of Bertelsen Tattoo’s Apprentices and only taking on selected tattoos that she feels comfortable with. She’s growing as a tattoo artist and you can see how amazing she does by her photos below.

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