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I love getting to be a part of the creative process someone goes through when they get a tattoo. I love helping people tell their stories on their skin. Sometimes it’s part of a big transition, other times it’s just for fun, but… It’s always valid. And I just feel honored to be part of it. I always try and give my best when I’m working with someone on a project because even though they’re with me for a short time, that tattoo will stay on their body for the rest of their lives. And hopefully it’ll be something they never regret, but are inspired by and look back on as an awesome experience. I never commit to a tattoo unless I can visualize the end result being something amazing. I feel like I owe it to myself and my clients to be honest and upfront and not take on anything that I’m not going to be in love with at the end. I’m so grateful that I get to do this for work and every day is a deliberate step towards my goals and dreams and I am enjoying the journey along the way.

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